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Cicely Reiss, M.A.  Is the Certified Administrator for Leucadia House RCFE/Board and Care.  She is trained in Speech Pathology.  Her own experience with the long term care needs of her parents inspired her to develop Leucadia House into a healthy, peaceful, and caring environment for Seniors.  She brings a lifelong interest in healthy cuisine to enhance the lives of Leucadia House residents.

Cicely is the mother of two college age daughters.  She enjoys classical and foreign films, music and baseball.

Email: cicely@leucadiahouse.com

Robert Reiss, M.D., holds certifications in Internal Medicine with a subspecialty in Nephrology.  He served as a Medical Director for a skilled nursing facility  in Encinitas for eight years, where he was involved in both delivery of medical care to Seniors and Quality Assurance oversight. He has extensive knowledge and experience with the health issues that Seniors and their families encounter.  He continues to practice medicine in Encinitas.

Robert is married to Cicely.  He enjoys computer technology, photography, and music.

Email: robert@leucadiahouse.com